Every artist started off as a fan.

Every artist never stopped being a fan.

Having fans IS great.

but being one is fun!   

So why do you let being a rock star get in the way of sharing that side of yourself?

We know that your life as a Fan is important to you.  The shows you saw.  The shows you’ll see. The artists you love. The albums you want to talk about.  The enthusiasms you want to express.

And guess what? It’s meaningful to your fans as well.

We invite you to join FANS, as an artist, and let your Fan flag fly for all to see.  You can interact with other fans in your existing communities, post live from the stage if you’d like, or just build up your profile and posts so the world can discover a whole new side of you.

At FANS we believe your personal fan memories are worth sharing and preserving for all to see and invite you to get started with us as we’re just getting started ourselves.  Diverse artists such as Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys or Natalia Clavier from Thievery are just two examples.  You should be next.   Fill out this form to get “verified” and we’ll get back to you right away.

 And let us make a video with you as well!